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The Hidden Tree

Storyteller's meeting

Storytelling, legends, drawing, icons, articles :D
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The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts,
All on a summer day:
The Knave of Hearts, he stole those tarts,
And took them quite away!

This is a community for all those of you who not only write their own fiction but love to read or listen to fairytales from all over the world.
Here you can share legends or stories you have been told or that you've been reading, post fairytale poetry, recommend books, show icons, photos or drawings you've made about them, post recipes for practical magic like herbal teas, announce mythological celebrations like halloween, november 5th or the chinese valentine's day) or simply tell your favourite stories.
You're also most welcome to write and post articles about topic related stuff or ask for explanations :)
Stories are the most magic this world holds :)

Still here are some rules:
Please behave respectfull towards each other, don't spam, don't flame, any such posts will be deleted immediately.
Feel free to also talk about stories from books or films, songs or manga as long as they are topic-related, I just ask you to place any spoilers about movie- or book plots under a lj-cut. Please do the same if your entries are really long.
Please don't mistake this for a book-community and start talking about scientific literature or anything else that's completely off the topic of legends.
If you post icons or photos that are not enirely yours, please write a line about where you've got them from and ask first if you may take them (you know... blah :)

So have fun writing and reading :)

thanks for renebean from deviantart for the original version of the wallpaper :)